Receive and retrieve your package when and where desired. This is the bet Cdiscount  is making (Cnova NV) with its new delivery service with InPost, the world leader in intelligent automated delivery solutions. In a statement on October 20, 2015, the French e-commerce leader announced that it adopted after a six month pilot, to accept the tender for permanent delivery to InPost Automated Parcel Lockers. The process: once payment is made the service is selected and the parcel is delivered within 48 hours to the locker chosen by the consumer. They can then go pick the item up, with a unique code received by SMS and email that allows them to open the locker, which is accessible 24/7.  This is clearly a method of delivery "adapted to the urban lifestyle," says Cdiscount.

Delivery, the bane of the e-commerce purchase lifecycle.

For Cdiscount, "the InPost Automated Parcel Locker solution represents a competitive advantage and a growth driver." The e-retailer cites a study by Opinionway for InPost in March 2015, which indicated that 55% of e-consumers regarded the withdrawal of their purchases as a waste of time, while 91% wanted to combine this approach with their daily activities (food purchases, fill-ups, workouts). 45% of respondent’s specify that they need an alternative to the opening hours of shops and post offices to pick up their parcels.

Since this service is available at Cdiscount, 35% of customers who have tested their packages picked them up in less than 4 hours after receiving their email and SMS containing their secure access code and 80% within 24 hours. "A shorter period than for parcel retrieval at pickup points or post offices," the statement said.