The Boring Stuff
Boring but still important to know

Weight limitations
There is no minimum parcel weight, but there is a maximum of 20 kg/44lb

It is forbidden to include the following items in a delivery:

  • human remains in any form
  • animals, birds or insects
  • currency (including cash or coins) or other securities negotiable without endorsement such as bearer bonds, gift certificates, etc.
  • fish, seafood or meat (fresh or frozen)
  • tobacco or alcohol, inter-provincial/state (i.e. across provincial/state boundaries)
  • medical/biological materials
  • firearms or weapons of any kind (including parts thereof)
  • drugs prohibited by law

NOTE:  The customer has the responsibility of ensuring that the contents of an item can be shipped under law. Canadian legislation, including but not limited to the Criminal Code, the Canada Post Corporation Act, the Tobacco Act and the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act, can prohibit the shipping of certain items. Restricted and prohibited items also vary by country. Restrictions change from time to time. Therefore, the customer must ensure that the contents meet all current applicable requirements.

ALSO: dangerous liquids, liquefiable substances and powders.  The above listing is not all-inclusive and InPost reserves the right to refuse a parcel containing other dangerous items.